This workshop aims for the attendants to understand the importance of planning and establishing the needed variables of production that lead to adequate production of a film project. Taking into consideration elements such as dimensions of the crew, location, equipment, rehearsals and work with the performers, it incorporates the regular workflow of a film production establishing its relevance and dependency with the creative process, the long term projection of the project and the possibilities this plan provides for seeking financial support.


· Provide the attendants with tangible tools for the to recognise the production variables of their specific projects that impact directly on the production and financing of them.

· Identify the challenges and limits the projects are, or might face, in order to be able to anticipate to design optional strategies for the production.

· Develop a work plan and breakdown of the production requirements of the attendants projects.


· For the attendants to learn the methodology and workflow of film production.

· For the attendants to be able to repeat this methodology on their own on future projects and be able to include it in current ones.

· Understand the importance of assessing the project on all its staged from idea to production, distribution and exhibition.


· Those interested in developing a film project of any genre and do not count with a background on it.

· Those interested internalize themselves with the film workflow seeking further professional development on this discipline.

· Film professionals interest in updating their knowledge, and develop competencies on production.

DURATION: 6hrs. (1 Day Workshop)

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