The Limits of Empathy (2020)

Through their unique work, a theater company, a visual artist, a philosopher, and a healer, uncover the mysteries of vegetal life; exposing the background role we have submitted the only living beings that are key to our existence.

The Limits of Empathy is a documentary that looks forward to introduce a critical perspective over our current relationship with the vegetal kingdom, making visible our negligence and ignorance towards its complexities, and how our irresponsibility might end only with one survivor, them.

Original Title: Los Límites de la Empatía
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 70min. aprox.
Production Company: Productora Cachalote
Creator / Director: Patricio Soto – Aguilar P.
Characters: Rocío Hernández / Carmina Infante / Manuela Infante / Philip Klawitter / Michael Marder / María Marihúan / Marcela Salinas
Executive Producer: Florencia Undurraga.
General Producer: Diego Villaseca
DP: Matías Baeza
Editor: Valeria Hernández
Sound Design: Ryan Hunter / Giacomo Picasso – (
Social Media Strategist: Paula González
Status: Work in Progress / Raising Production Funds & Partners

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