Multi-Platform Project Development


This lecture invite the students to explore the creative and analytical workflow for developing multi-platform communication strategies for their film projects, through analysing practices that established an antecedent on the subject as wall those contemporary ones on their diversity of contexts, requirements and uses. It equips the students with an historical introduction, including a diverse range of theories and concept discussion needed to be able to make a critical analysis over the implementation of this strategies on case studies, and how it can be applied on their personal projects through collective brainstorming and discussion.


· Introduce and discuss the contested context of the definitions and concepts linked to the implementation and creation of multi-platform strategies.

· Introduce general notions of the history behind cross and transmedia narratives, tracing them through their analog predecessors up to their contemporary digital existence.

· Sketch and execute a diversity of practical approaches on the creation of the needed elements and multiplatfom narratives.

· Introduce the elements that set-up a multi-platform project, in order for the students to get to know and understand the organisational system that has to be established, with a clear planning beforehand the execution and during the creation of this projects.

· Introduce the students to a range of large scale case studies as well as small independent examples.

· Acquaint students with issues and discussions related to intellectual property, license, copyright on the context of this multi-platform narratives.


· Students should be able to understand the rules and requirements of building a narrative universe of their projects from where a diversity of new narratives or storylines can emerge to be used on other spaces different from the ones of the original story.

· Understand the development stages and planning for this projects, as well as to have clarity of the approach they are using on their strategy and the way in which it can be useful for the projects end purpose.


· Audiovisual and Film producers, scriptwriters and directos with an interest on taking advantage of other platforms to develop their projects, finance them, distribute them or advertise them.

· Those interested in storytelling and how a proper narrative can be extended to a series of platforms that exist today.

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