Cuesta (Uphill) 2019

Cuesta (Uphill) – 2019

‘To reach the top just in time becomes a demanding challenge in a city of steep hills.’

Shot in Valparaíso-Chile, this short dance-film explores the body as it travels uphill in one of the most attractive cities in the world.

Festivals & Exhibitions
Athens Video Dance Project, Athens, Greece
Cine-Corps Festival, Renne-France (Premiere)
Festival tanečních filmů , Prague, Czech Republic
Agite & Sirva , Mexico
Festival Cuerpo Digital, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Topanga Film Festival, Topanga, USA
VideoMovimiento, Bogota,Colombia
Mostra Curta Audiovisual, Campinas, Brazil
Dia de la danza Riviera Maya MX, Mexico
Riposte, London, United Kingdom
El Cuerpo se Convirtio en Control Remoto, Concepción, Chile

Title: Cuesta (Uphill)
Genre: Experimental / DanceFilm
Duration: 04:13 min.
Language: No Dialogue
Country: Chile

Directed by Patricio Soto-Aguilar
Choreography Research & Performance by Marco Orellana
Music: “Tango de Manzana”, “Enter the Maze”, “Static Motion” by
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Thanks to Antonia Correa and Juan Gaete